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From our Customers:

As you know I was initially very apprehensive to proceed with the development of the house on Bald Eagle. We already had a house on Marco Island, at which we had had many memorable family holidays. Our existing house had many features that were no incorporated in your model home but would have to be included in any new house we built.

The willingness, understanding and confidence you exuded that you could build what we wanted persuaded us to build the new house. How right we were to go ahead with the development.

We, with your help, have achieved exactly what we wanted. Your knowledge, experience and grasp of our requirements have given us the house we desired. We have a new family home of which we are proud and pleased. I cannot, in words, fully express my family's gratitude to you for all your efforts.

Kindest regards

Yours sincerely

Doug & I would like to thank you both for all the care and attention you gave us in building our new home. You are both very talented in each your fields of expertise and without hesitation always ready to listen and carry out our requests.

Thank you much for building our perfect home.

Doug & Evelyn

Here is a long-over-due special thanks and formal note of appreciation for your kind, considerate and valuable help in building our exemplary residence in the Tigertail area on Marco Island. We are convinced that your attention to details, your dedication to quality control and your advocacy of our requests and ideas resulted in a classic residential site which appears to be the object of many inquiries by serious folks seeking to build distinctive residences on our blessed Marco Island.

Weekly, this busy season, we have shown our residence to walk-ons and referrals intrigued by the design, aesthetics and adaptability of our site′s practicality in the Tigertail-Collier Bay neighborhood. Those visitations, of course, are testimonials you your design and building talents for which we remain forever grateful.

Keep in tough and, again, thanks for your special attention to our needs.

Isabella and Sayre

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